Electric vehicles take on Mt. Washington!

DC Fast Charging with Electrify America & Tesla in Seabrook, NH

Level 2 Charging at Emery Farm

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EV Owner Panel: Why Your Next Car Should be Electric

The Monadnock Sustainability Hub, in partnership with Drive Electric NH, is proud to present it’s fourth Drive Electric Event as part of National Drive Electric Week—EV Owner Panel: Why Your Next Car Should Be Electric.  This virtual expo will feature a panel of electric vehicle (EV) owners who will discuss the ins and outs of buying, owning, and driving EVs. The panel will cover all you need to know about EVs, including:

  • EV’s superior technology & efficiency

  • Driving experience and features: such as one pedal driving & instant torque

  • Addressing battery range anxiety & long trips

  • Long term cost of ownership & expected savings

  • Where & how EV owners charge


The Electric Vehicle Transition Post-Pandemic

 The electric vehicle (EV) market was in a state of rapid acceleration until it all ground to a halt in the throes of a global health crisis. As we contemplate life post-pandemic, questions abound about the future of electrified transportation. Just how impactful was the nation-wide shutdown on the EV market? How will the interruption affect the sales of EV's in the near future? How have automobile manufacturers and dealers been modifying their approaches to EVs? This webinar will feature insights from experts in the automobile industry and perspectives from New Hampshire autodealers.

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The Next Level: Mobile & Bi-directional EV Charging Solutions

Take your electric vehicle (EV) knowledge to the next level. Learn about current trends with innovative EV charging and infrastructure solutions. Hear from industry experts who offer applications and use-cases that address installation costs, peak demand charges, and other economic impacts through mobile distributed power, battery storage, and vehicle-to-grid technology.


EV Charging & the Modern Grid: Past, Present, & Future

As the transition to electric transportation intensifies, stakeholders are evaluating how this increase in electricity use interacts with the utility system. There is tremendous potential to incorporate electric vehicles (EVs) into a modernized electric grid, but in order to do so, we need to work together. This webinar will features experts from NH utilities and charging station providers and will look at how charging an EV impacts the grid, ideas and pilots for lowering peak demand, TOU charging rates and demand management, vehicle-to-grid integration, and how the incorporation of renewables and battery storage can assist in the transition to a modern, sustainable transportation system.

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Town of Exeter Energy Committee Presents:

The Town of Exeter, NH's Energy Committee kicks off National Drive Electric Week for 2020 with this virtual video exploring electric cars.